This 1994 release covers songs recorded between 1990 & 1993 and the overall sound quality is well below what we expect from 90's music. This recording was about to be released on the French label Musea, but they were not able to make a good digital recording and it eventually was delivered on a small Mexican label (Luna Negra). In 1994 the band closed down. But enough with the bad news - there are 2 pieces of very good news. First, Omni has reformed and has a new CD comming out (2001/2002) and second, this CD, Tras el puente is made up of very fine performances and compositions.  It is easier to describe individual songs than it is to label the entire CD. I want to call it instrumental symphonic neo-prog/fusion. There is no question that Omni play fusion - the song Amazonas is right out of the textbook, however Omni also play 70's prog/symphonic and 80's neo-prog in a sometimes Camel style - (Contracorriente is an example of this). Some songs are a solid mixture of all 3 genre's for example Vuelo Nocturno & Viento de Levante. So the good news outweighs the bad news. Listeners of all 3 genres should find much to enjoy as they succeed in all areas. This album has some very beautiful music and is worth the effort to find and listen to. Meanwhile, we can look forward to their upcoming release and hope the music continues in the same high quality and refreshing style(s).