OMNI — Sólo Fue un Sueño
Review by memowakeman (Guillermo Hdez. Urdapilleta)
Special Collaborator Discogs Editor & Italian Prog Specialist
Beautiful music, like being in a dream!

And it is, Omni`s latest album its a proof that they are stronger every day and every new album is a step forward, Solo fue un Sueño which was released on 2007 has been one of the albums i have listened very often lately, i liked it a lot when i got it, but let me tell you that after seeing the band live at the BajaProg fest i was amazed with their performance, they are excellent musicians and better persons, their show was a memorable moment, they played most (if not all) of the songs from this album.This symphonic band sometimes has shown its folk andaluz side, they are from Spain so i believe labelling them as a Prog Andaluz band wouldn`t be strange at all, but actually their music is more oriented to the symphonic side of prog, inspired by some English bands, Camel for instance, and if you want me to name an Spanish band which may be a point of comparision, i would say Cai.Omni is a band that has released 3 albums so far, if my memory does not fail, the band started in the late 80s by an idea of their guitar player Mike Starry, they had suffered some lineup changes but they have always been a consistant band and always progressing, not regressing. So as i said above Solo fue un Sueño was released in 2007 and contains 8 excellent tracks and a total time of almost 50 minutes.The album kicks off with the tile track Solo fue un Sueño, which is a short instrumental passage, very calm and relaxed with some synth effects which make you feel comfortable, after 3 minutes the second song of the album continues without any stop, so Ya estamos aqui (we are here) starts with a more powerful keyboard sound, very symphonic and after just one minute the lead guitar appears and since the beginning you will notice a Camelesque sound,be careful, i am not saying that this is a Camel clone, not at all, they do have their own style, but like any band, they have their influences, this song is very good, the flute, bass and all the instruments are together in the same line, i mean, all sounds good. Noche en Malandar, the guitars are the first you will notice here, actually i believe that you will be pleased with the nice guitar riffs during the whole album, this is a song i particularly like a lot, after 3 minutes the bass line changes and with it all the song shows a different face where the keyboards appears and offers another great moment. Telescopio de Papel is another beautiful song, led by keyboards and the always clean bass lines, this is a melodic song that follows the previous ones, i mean they are in the same channel. El Tren de Rota is the next song , the longest one, and probably the best one or at least my favourite. It stars with a very melodic sound and the soft and beautiful guitar riffs, the sax appears later, it also transmits you their different moods, i mean sometimes is melancholic and then it changes and sounds more powerful and joyful, after 2 minutes the song adoptes an awesome bass sound, the lines making the rythm are great and again, very clean, but not only the bass but all the instruments sound very clean with a high level of musicianship, later, when half of the song has passed there`s another change, it sound is very delicate and beautiful again, then the guitar riffs returns and sometimes i think it sounds like a Gilmour-esque guitar, the song is magnific i think everyone would love it. Un Columpio sobre el mar follows the same line as the previous songs, symphonic and moderated sound, complex passages and a charming sound, there is a moment of pure beauty when the winds make its appearance and gives it another soft and delicate style, then the soft becomes stronger with the guitar riffs, great. Espiritu Libre is another good song with a sound that its very catchy, a song that you will remind when you listen to the album, this is a song before the end Salto al abismo marks the end of this magnific and very constant album, the song sound like a prologue, i mean after all the stronger moments, this song again soft like a goodbye, and suddenly it fades out.Well, as i said this is a ver constant album and there are no weak moments on it, an album i like a lot and recommend to all the fans of symphonic prog. 4 stars. Enjoy it!